We have been learning how to record and put music out for others to hear. It is a step of faith, but working together,¬†and collaborating with others, we believe that the gospel will reach beyond our local community through music, audio, and video. This is our first official recording project, a Christmas EP! We had a few issues with recording live, and there’s a huge learning curve, but take a listen, and download the mp3’s here.


In starting this project, we felt like most Christmas songs we hum along to on the radio and sing at church and Christmas parties have a depth that we miss. They’ve become white noise in the shopping malls, and performances at light up nights and Christmas Eve services. Our goal in producing these videos and the EP was to give an opportunity to reflect on the beautiful words of these songs. To rest in the truth that Jesus came as a baby boy, to save us all. That the world was anticipating His coming. That when he came, and lived, and died, and was resurrected, we were put back in right relationship with God. These songs are more than themes of the holidays – they are worshipful, reflective, and celebratory.

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